W10208631A, GE WB06X10596, AP5617368 Grease Filter Replacement for Many Whirlpool Microwaves filter 13 x 6 (Made in USA) (4-Pack)

Article: W10208631A-4


This Whirlpool vent hood filter collects grease particles from the air while you are cooking.

The microwave filter 13 x 6 has a metal pull tab D-ring tab included for ease of removal and installation.

Replaces part numbers:

  • Whirlpool, Maytag, Frigidaire: W10208631A, 6802A, W10208631, W10208631RP, W10187748, EA3650910, PS3650910, AP5617368, 5304456090, 5304465235, PS2333776, 2304686, AH3650910;
  • Electrolux, ESTATE, in replacement with Kitchenaid: 4393862, 4393790, rhf0525;
  • GE: WB06X10596;
  • Samsung: DE63-00196A.


Fits Models:

  • GE Spacemaker: JNM1541SN1SS, JNM1541DMWW, JNM1541DMBB, JVM1750SP1SS, JVM1750SM1SS;
  • GE Profile Spacemaker XL1800 Microwave Oven: JVM1870SK03, PVM1870SM3SS and other JVM1870 (XL1800) series;
  • GE: JVM6172SK1SS, JVM6172SF1SS, JVM6175SK1SS, JVM6175EK1ES, JVM6175SK2SS, JVM6175SF1SS;
  • Whirlpool: WMH1162XVB2, WMH1162XVS2, WMH1163XVS1, WMH1163XVS, WMH1163XVB, WMH1163XVB1, WMH1163XVQ1, WMH1163XVS3, WMH32519CS, WMH32517AS, GMH3204XVS2, WMH3205XVS, WMH32L19AS, WMH31017AS, WMH31017FS0, WMH31017AS2, GMH6185XVS2, WMH53520CS, WMH1162XVB, WMH1162XVD, WMH1162XVQ, WMH1162XVS, WMH1163XVD, WMH1163XVQ, WMH32519HZ, WMH2175XVS, GMH5184, WMH2175XVB2, WMH1164XWS1, WMH31017AW, UMV1160CS2;
  • Fits for KitchenAid: KHMC1857BSS0, KHMC1857WSS, KHMC1857WSS0, KHMS2040WSS, KMHS120ESS, KHMC1857BSS, KHMC1857BSP, KHMC1857BWH, KHMC1857WBL, KHMC1857WWH, KHMC1857XSP, KHMS1857WBL, KHMS2040WBL0, KHMS2040WSS0, KHMC1857BSS1;
  • Amana: AMV1150VAQ1, AMV2307PFB0, AMV2307PFW0, AMV1150VAB6, AMV1150VAS6, AMV1150VAW6;
  • Maytag: MMV4205DS2, MV4205DB2, YMMV4203WS2, MMV4205DH3, MMV4205DH4, MMV4205DS4, MMV4206FB3, MMV4206FB, MMV4206FW3, MMV4206FW4, MMV5208WS1, MMV5208WS;
  • Samsung: ME18H704SFS, ME21H706MQS, ME21H706MQG, SMH7178STE;

Specifications (W10208631A, WB06X10596):

  • Material: durable aluminum;
  • Measurements: 13-3/8″ x 5-7/8″ x 1/8″ (approx: 13×6 inches)


  • ✅ Replacement part numbers: Whirlpool, Maytag, in replacement with Kitchenaid: W10208631A, 6802A, W10208631, W10208631RP, W10187748, EA3650910, PS3650910 AP5617368, Frigidaire: 5304465235, PS2333776, 2304686, AH3650910, Samsung DE63-00196A, GE: WB06X10596;
  • ✅ Whirlpool grease filter compatible with microwaves models: WMH31017AS, WMH32519HZ, WMH2175XVS, GE Spacemaker: PVM1870SM3SS, JVM6175SK1SS, JVM6175EK1ES, Samsung: ME18H704SFS, ME21H706MQS, compatible with KitchenAid filter: KHMS2040WSS, KMHS120ESS, KHMC1857WSS0, Maytag: MMV5208WS1, MMV5208WS and other oven range hoods and countertop microwave ovens;
  • ✅ Approximate size is 13 x 6. Kitchen filter dimensions is 13.4 x 5.9 x 0.1 inches (Durable aluminum frame);
  • ✅ Package Contains 4 Aluminum Allure microwave grease filter. Made in USA. Please compare part numbers and dimensions with your current grease filter.
  • ✅ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Premium Materials. 30 days Replacement OR Refund.

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