Omaeon 2 Pack Replacement Idylis Air Purifier Filter B Compatible with Idylis AC-2125, AC-2126, IAP-10-125, IAP-10-150, IAP-10-050, IAPC-40-140, IAF-H-100B, 2 Hepa and 4 Carbon Filters

Article: IAF-H-100B


UPC : 745051440251


  • ✅ COMPLETE COMPATIBILITY – Highly compatible air filter IAF-H-100B replacement Idylis air purifier models: idylis AC-2125 AC2125 2125 (need 2 idylis B filters), AC-2126 AC2126 2126 (need 2 idylis B), IAP-10-125 IAP10125 1AP-10-125 (need 2 idylis B), IAP-10-150 (need 1 A and and 1 B idylis filter), IAPC-40-140(need 1 A and and 1 B idylis filter), IAP-10-050 (need 1 idylis B filter);
  • ✅ SIX IN ONE – Package Includes: 2 x Hepa Replacement Air Filters and 4 x Carbon Filters. Dimensions approximately 6.7″ X 7.9″ X 1.4″. Replacement part numbers 302652, 0302652, 302653, 0302653, 0302649, 412558, 0412558, LOWESRAPF-B-4, LOWESRAPFB4;
  • ✅ HIGH EFFICACY – As your air purifier filter gets older it loses efficiency, leaving more pollutants in the air. The Idylis Hepa air filters capture fine particles like dust, lint, pet hair and dander and more. Carbon filter removes household odors from the air such as pets, cooking, tobacco smoke, smog, diesel fuel, VOCs;
  • ✅ EASY TO CHANGE – Replace your Idylis IAF-H-100B filters B every 6 to 12 months for optimal performance;
  • ✅ CUSTOMER SERVICE: It is important to us that each of our customers is satisfied with our service. If you have any questions, please contact us;
  • ✅ We are so certain that our filters will breath new life to your home that we offer a 90-day no-questions-asked refund policy.

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