ADQ56656401 Dryer Lint Filter for LG ADQ566564 and Kenmore Dryer Lint Screen Replacement Part Numbers AP4457244, PS3531962, 1462822, AH3531962, EA3531962 (1 pack)

Article: ADQ56656401


Replacing your Kenmore, Sears or LG dryer lint screen is an essential practice for maintaining the quality and lifespan of your appliance.

Compatible with LG Electronics ADQ56656401 dryer lint filter assembly, Kenmore lint filter for dryer replaces part numbers AP4457244, PS3531962, 1462822, AH3531962, EA3531962.

Fits Models:

LG: DLGX3571W, DLEX3470V, DLEX4370W, DLEX3570W, DLGX3371W, DLE3170W, DLEX4270V, DLE3050W, DLGX3371V, DLGX3471W, DLEX3370W, DLG3171W, DLGX3002P, DLGX3002R, DLGX3002W, DLEX3370V, DLEX3001R, DLGX4271V, DLGX3361V, DLGX3361W, DLEX3470W, DLEX3570V, DLEX3875V, DLG2702V, DLGX3471V, DLEX3360V, DLEX4370K, DLEX3250V, DLEX3250W, DLE2701V, DLGX3571V, DLEX4270W, DLEX3550V, DLGX3251W, DLEX2801W, DLE2601W, DLG3051W, DLEX3700V, DLGX3371R, DLEX3370R, DLEX3001W, DLEX3250R, DLGX3876W, DLGX3876V, DLGX3551V, DLEX2801L, DLEX2801R, RN1319E, RN1310AS, RN1310BS, RN1310DS, RN1310A, RN1310B, RV1321VS, RV1319E, RV1310AS, RV1310DS, RN1308AS, RN1308BS, RN1308CS, RN1321VS, DLGX2802W, DLEX4070V, DLE3500W, DLGX3701W, DLEX3001P, DLGX4271W, DLGX3361R, DLEX3875W, DLEX3360W, DLGX3551W, DLEX3550W, DLGX3251V, DLGX3251R, DLE2601R, RV1319VS, DLG2602W, RV1310A, RV1310B, RV1310BS, RV1308AS, RV1308BS, RV1308CS, DLGX2902V, DLEX3885C, DLEX3885W, DLEX4070W, DLEX3700W, DLEX3360R, DLGX3886W, DLGX3886C, RN1319VS, RV1321AS, DLG2602R, 48231010009, 48231010030, DLEX2901V, DLGX2802L, DLGX4071V, DLGX4071W, DLGX3701V.

Kenmore: 79680512900, 79680518900, 79681022900, 79681028900, 79681029900, 79681532110, 79681532210, 79681538110, 79681538210, 79681542110, 79681542210, 79681548110, 79681548210, 79681549110, 79681549210, 79681722010, 79681728010, 79690512900, 79690518900, 79691022900, 79691028900, 79691029900.

The LG and Kenmore brand name and logos are the registered trademarks of their respective owner. Any use of the LG or Kenmore brand name or model designation for this product is made solely for purposes of demonstrating compatibility.


  • ✅ Compatible with LG dryer lint filter ADQ56656401, Kenmore lint screen replacement part numbers AP4457244, PS3531962, 1462822, ADQ566564, AH3531962, EA3531962;
  • ✅ Please! ⚠️ Refer to the comparative image to make sure you are ordering the correct front load dryer lint trap ⚠️;
  • ✅ Fit Kenmore and LG dryer lint filter replacement models DLGX3571W, DLEX3470V, DLEX4370W, DLEX3570W, DLGX3371W, DLE3170W, DLEX4270V, DLE3050W, DLGX3371V, DLGX3471W, DLEX3370W, LG DLG3171W clothes dryer;
  • ✅ The dimensions of the dryer lint catcher are exactly required genuine 10.75″ x 11.875″ inch (27.3 cm x 30.16 cm), package contains 1 sensor dry filter;
  • ✅ The high quality of the dryer screen and its ultra durable plastic allow us to provide the WARRANTY for ONE year, during which in case of any problems we are ready to replace the filter or refund the money without any additional questions.

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