5231El1003B Dryer Lint Filter Assembly with Felt Rim Seal Compatible with LG and Kenmore Dryer Lint Screen Replacement Part Numbers PS3527578, 5231EL1003A, 5231EL1003E, 5231EL1002E, AP4440606 (1 pack)

Article: 5231El1003B


Replacing your Sears or LG dryer lint filter is an essential practice for maintaining the quality and lifespan of your appliance.

Just pop the new Kenmore dryer vent screen replacement into place and you are ready to go. No repairman needed.

LG sensor dry lint filter compatible with part numbers: 5231El1003B, PS3527578, 5231EL1003A, 5231EL1003E, 5231EL1002E, AP4440606, 1266857, AH3527578, EA3527578, 5231EL1003C.

Fits Models:

LG: DLE2515S, DLE2516W, DLE2532W, DLE3733W, DLE3733U, DLEX2650R, DLEX2655V, DLG1320W, DLEX2450R, DLGX7188WM, DLGX7188RM, DLE1310W, DLEX2501V, DLE2301W, DLG2251W, DLG2302W, DLE2350R, DLE2350W, DLG5966G, DLG5966W, DLE2250W, DLE2240W, DLGX2502W, DLGX2502V, DLE2101W, DLE2140W, DLGX2651W, DLGX2651R, DLG8388NM, DLG2102W, DLG2141W, DLE2512W, DLE2514W, DLE3733S, DLE5977B, DLE5977SM, DLE8377NM, DLE8377WM, DLE9577SM, DLG2522W, DLG2525S, DLG3744D, DLG3744U, DLG5988B, DLG5988SM, DLG7188WM, DLEX8377WM, DLEX0001TM, DLEX2650W, DLG2351R, DLG2302R, DLE7177RM, DLGX2656V, DLG2051W, CDG3389WD, DLG2532W, DLEX3070W, DLE2522W, DLE2524W, DLE3777E, DLE5977W, DLE5977BM, DLE5977WM, DLG3744S, DLG3744W, DLG5988W, DLG7188RM, DLG9588WM, DLGX0002TM, DLEX8377NM, DLEX8377N, DLG0452W, DLG0452G, DLEX2501W, DLGX3071R, DLG5932S, DLGX2551R, DLGX2551W, DLE0332W, DLG2524W, DLG2241W, DLE5932W, DLE6942W, DLG2511W.

Kenmore: 79681272210, 79680311900, 79680318900, 79690272900, 79690272800, 79680441900, 79681372210, 79681373210, 79688842800, 79688852800, 79690311900, 79690318900, 79680272900, 79680448900, 79681379210, 79681392610, 79681393610, 79690021900, 79690448900, 79691172210, 79691272210, 79691372210, 79691373210, 79691379210, 79691392610, 79691393610, 79698842800, 79698852800, 79680021900.

The LG and Kenmore brand name and logos are the registered trademarks of their respective owner. Any use of the LG or Kenmore brand name or model designation for this product is made solely for purposes of demonstrating compatibility.


  • ✅ 5231EL1003B is high-quality dryer lint screen exact equivalent to genuine part numbers for Kenmore and LG steam dryer lint filter replacement for PS3527578, 5231EL1003A, 5231EL1003E, 5231EL1002E, AP4440606, 1266857, AH3527578, EA3527578, 5231EL1003C;
  • ✅ Dryer lint filter replacement fits LG Electronics and Kenmore models DLE2515S, DLE2516W, DLE2532W, DLE3733W, DLE3733U, DLE3733D, DLE5955G, DLE5955W, DLE5977S, DLE9577WM, DLEX7177WM, DLEX7177RM, DLG2526W, DLG3788W, DLG5988S, DLG9588SM;
  • ✅ Package Contains 1 dryer lint catcher 11.5″ x 12.25″ (29.21 cm x 31.11 cm);
  • ✅ Please! ⚠️ Refer to the comparative image to make sure you are ordering the correct front load dryer lint filter ⚠️;
  • ✅ 100% Satisfaction & money back guarantee. Premium Quality Omaeon Brand Product.

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