Cocktail Shaker – Cobbler Shaker – Bartender Kit – Bar Supplies – Drink Mixer – Martini Shaker Set-11 Piece Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker Set With Strainer, Muddler, Two Jiggers, Bar Spoon, Ice Tongs

✅ HIGH QUALITY: Set for Drink Mixing made of 100% safe, the highest quality food-grade 304 Stainless Steel, which guarantee long, reliable exploitation. You are not limited to use the product only in bars, but also Shaker Set so easy for home use.
❤️ PERFECT DESIGN: Our Stainless Steel Mixer Kit has quite classy design, due to stylish grey color and shiny surface it attracts everybody attention. It not only looks nice but also very convenient to use. You can be sure that our Cobbler Shaker will not fair, because it is not freeze shut, drip or spill as you pour your drink out.
🍹 FULL COCKTAIL SHAKER SET: If you want to improve your mixing skills, impress your friends or show something special for your guests our Bar Set is absolutely perfect good for your demands. In this Bartender Kit are included: Cobbler Shaker 700ml, Two jiggers 15/30ml and 20/40ml, Strainer Ione for shaker, Stirring spoon 27cm, Muddler 20cm, Ice tongs, Two pourers.
👍 PRACTICAL IN USE: Forget about failed cocktails with our Cocktail Kit. Together with Cocktail Shaker you can mix different types of alcohol, and do not limit your imagination in the creation of new cocktails with any ingredients. Strainer Ione for Shaker helps you to make perfect, successful presentation of any drink.
🎁 DELUXE GIFT: If you have friends or relatives who are interested in mixology science we have great offer for you. Due to presentable packaging our Cocktail Shaker Set is ideal as a gift. A perfect present for both discerning home mixologist and novice bartender alike. Also, if you have a long dreamed about learning mixology art you can always treat yourself by a gift.

The cocktail set Mix&Shake is a great set for bartenders in stainless steel and 10 items for a professional or home bartender.
Our Mixology Kit made of high quality 304 Stainless Steel and it is provides long term, complete ease of use.
Due to great high-strength steel Cobbler Shaker will withstand any load, mixing experiments and tries to learn barmen`s tricks.
In our Bar Kit you will find everything you need for hobby or job.

Primary Features:
✅ Cobbler shaker: Which is big enough due to great capacity 700ml. It means that you can prepare few cocktails at once.
✅ Two double jiggers: Any bar can not do without jiggers and we have some special offer, in our Cocktail Shaker Set includes two jiggers with different capacity 15/30ml and 20/40ml.
✅ Hawthorne strainer for shaker and fine mesh strainer: If your drink consist of fruits or ice you can not without Strainer Ione for shaker, which do not miss anything extra, for your convenience we offer two Strainer Ione for shaker.
✅ Stirring spoon: You want to make your drink unforgettable Stirring spoon will help you. It is multifunctional in use, because it provides not only perfect mixing of your cocktails, also prevents of blending unnecessary ingredients and due to great size 27cm comfortable in use.
✅ Muddler: If it is necessary to squeeze something in your drink you may use Muddler and his compact size 20cm do not take a lot of space.
✅ Ice tongs: Using ice tongs, you can easily add some ice to your cocktail and make it refreshing.
✅ Two pourers: When you make drinks it is important to control flow of any alcohol ingredient and it is so simple with our two Pourers.
✅ Premium package box: All of this Bar Tools is placed in premium package box, which looks presentable and that is why Cobbler Shaker may be perfect as a gift.